Intermittent operation for the pipeline and construction industry

Kompakt-Spülpumpen BTC

Small but powerful

Designed for intermittent use, Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik compact mud pumps are light and portable. With 800 kW, this model is ideal for sporadic drilling and mixing needs – but just like our triplex mud pump, it’s powerful, reliable, and backed by the Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik service guarantee.
The pump is available with exchangeable cylinder liners and tensioning devices for both liners and valve caps.

Unique features

  • Compact size allows for a smaller drilling rig area 
  • Lightweight design means lower transport costs
  • Solid anti-friction bearing
  • Warp-resistant pump case
  • Water-lubricated pistons and valves
  • Retractable jib crane for easy assembly


  • Horizontal drilling 
  • Cementing

Performance data

  • Flow rate: 1,966-3,754 liters/min
  • Operating pressure: 54 to 150 bar
  • Power: 328-708kW
  • Media: drilling fluids
  • Media temperature: until 90° C 

Specifications and standards

Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik compact mud pumps conform to the standards of ATEX Zone 2, T3 and EN ISO 13710.


Industries and applications using Compact Mud Pumps BTC:



Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik’s range of mud pumps are designed specifically for vertical and horizontal drilling technology.

Pipeline Industrie

Pipeline Industry

Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik’s lightweight pump design means it can be easily adapted to pipelines around the world.