Duplex Dapmfpumpe IK3222

Duplex Steam Pump

The duplex steam pump is built as a quadruple-acting flywheel-less piston pump driven by steam or compressed air.

It is used with poppet valve mainly for feeding boilers on land and in ships, but also as a loading pump in the oil industry and as a product pump in chemical plants for oil, gasoline, solvents and others.

With a ball valve, it is used for pumping contaminated material without solids content, viscous and mushy liquids, and in mining (driven by compressed air) as a roadway pump with mine drainage.

  • Ambient temperatures of min. 10°C – max. 40°C are specified as standard. The specified performance range for liquids up to +70°C and liquids from +70°C to +140°C is covered by two series.

  •  Delivery pressures up to 32bar with flow rates up to 22m³/h (16m³/h for hot water).


IK 3222

Weight (kg)


number of double strokes (min-1)


Max. delivery pressure (bar)


Max flow rate (m3/h)


Industries using Steam Pump IK3222:

Chemische/petrochemische Industrie

Chemical/petrochemical Industry

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