A range of service options for oilfield use

Flexible delivery for your operational needs

Our new PCL 80 multipurpose triplex oilfield pump offers flexible operational alternatives. With an operating pressure of up to 1,289 bar, the pump runs on an AC/DC drive with either water- or air-cooling, an electric motor, and slip-on gear. Designed to work in deep drilling technology, as a piston pump, or as a supply pump, the PCL 80 provides a wide range of service options for heavy-duty enterprise.

Unique features

  • Choice of gland design or liner design
  • Adjustable valve pressure
  • Triplex pump melds high power requirements and lengthy operating life
  • Flow rate up to 3,500 l/min (5,250 l/min with special liners)
  • Horizontal center-split housing in extremely rigid welded construction
  • Single-piece crankshaft made out of high-strength forged steel


  • Water injection
  • Oil and gas lift

Performance data

  • Flow: 267-3,489 l/min
  • Operating pressure: up to 1,289 bar
  • Power: 1,200 kW
  • Media: water/oil
  • Media temperature: 80 °C

Specifications and standards

As well as the generally applicable standards, such as DIN EN 809 and DIN EN ISO 16330, the PCL 80 multipurpose pump can match API 674 or EN ISO 13710 specifications. An ATEX certificate is available on request.  All pump units are CE-certified.


Bohrloch-Eingriffspumpe PCL 80
Bohrloch-Eingriffspumpe PCL 80
Bohrloch-Eingriffspumpe PCL 80